Carry through "Fixed" mark and comment to the next audit as alternative option.

How to view comments in hints from previous audits?
For example I want to mark something like "not a problem" or "emailed developers" this month, and in the next month I want to have this information in some way while processing a new audit for the same project to know that I can skip this problem or check if it was. Is it possible? Because I thought that it's intended to work this way from the start,

Found this on documentation:
The 'Fixed' designation only applies to this single Audit. If you run future Audits on the same website, none of the Hints will be marked as fixed.
As a follow-up to #2 above, you may instead wish to 'Ignore' certain Hints, which is handled by slightly different functionality - read about ignoring Hints here.

Maybe you can add an alternative option for this? Like mark "fixed" carry through into the next audits with saved comments. It'll be a great addition to the workflow.

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